Time to Time Travel

Children at the Time to Time Travel holiday clubWho doesn’t want to time travel and discover things about our past… or our future world! Our young Time Travellers certainly wanted to do that at our Easter 2023 Holiday Club!

Using different texts and scripts, the Standing In The Wings tutors took students on a journey to discover ways of creating art using physical theatre skills along with developing other key skills.

Feedback from our holiday club students

“I really liked the workshop and my favourite part of it was interacting with new people and making new friends. It was a really interesting experience. It was also very fun and exciting!” – Rosie

“100% the best!” – Marcy

“I enjoyed the fact that we were very independent, the costumes, the whole story. Fun, Creative, Amazing!” – Edith

“I enjoyed everything especially the games and rehearsing. Fun, Hilarious, Unique.” – Lyra

“I enjoyed writing part of the script.” – Chloe

“Very, Very Amazing!” – Matty

“My favourite thing is three words: ALL OF IT!” – Skye