We can coach you through a wide variety of performance styles and skills. The main areas of our work are listed below, but please feel free to get in contact with us to discuss any further requirements.

Drama College Auditions

Auditioning for drama college can be daunting as it’s big step towards your career goal. We can help you select pieces, work on the language, character development, personal presentation, interview questions and self tapes to help get you one step closer to your dream.

Production Auditions

Auditions are part of the thrill of performing but sometimes it’s useful to have some extra help to understand the play or musical and the character so that when you stand in front of the audition panel you have a strong comprehension of what you’re portraying. We can go through the set pieces with you and support you with showcasing your talent in the short time you have to demonstrate your skills!

Confidence Skills

Whether it’s in theatre or ‘the real world’, we all need confidence skills for a variety of events, be it performing, work meetings or social events. There are some simple tips and tricks we can share with you to help build your confidence and give you the poise you need to achieve your goals.

Presenting Skills

Standing in front of work colleagues or strangers to pitch a new idea or project can be nerve-racking for many people. With some key techniques and theories, we can help you wow your audience with your presenting skills and get you one step closer to making the project or idea a reality.

Interview Skills

Whether it’s for a new job or university, interviews take practice to get right – but when you only have one shot, that’s not always helpful! Through practice questions and scenarios, we aim to give you the chance to try different approaches and answers to give you the confidence to ace any interview.

Acting Through Song

Any musical theatre performer will tell you that your character has to continue through the songs, not be separate. By studying the text and music together, we can help you understand why the character is singing what they are and why. We work with a local pianist to understand the role of live music whilst performing.


Suitable for all ages, LAMDA exams are a great way to focus your skills and learning into a worthwhile qualification. Covering poetry, prose, Shakespeare and theory, LAMDA exams are excellent for anyone wanting to experience more variety of pieces and performance whilst gaining a qualification for your hard work.

Drama Theory and Techniques

Sometimes it’s useful to understand the theory and techniques used in performance to help enhance your skills and protect your voice effectively. Covering breathing, projection, posture and speech qualities this coaching can be ad hoc to support your learning and skills.

Wedding Speeches

Public speaking can be tricky – especially when it’s for a special event in front of family and friends. If you need some support in delivering a memorable speech for the ‘big day’ (in the right way!), we can assist with confidence and delivery.

Other requirements

Can’t see what you’re looking for? Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to call you for an informal chat.