Coaching Testimonials

“I took drama coaching sessions with Kathryn to help support me with my drama college auditions in 2020/21. It was great to develop my performance and personal confidence and to gain a deeper understanding of how to evolve characters effectively as well as learning more about the techniques around breathing and general drama knowledge. Having worked with Kathryn on a youth production in 2019, it was great to have 1-2-1 sessions via Zoom (and in person when we could) to assist with my learning and performance skills which resulted in my acceptance at two London drama colleges.”  – Alice (2020)

“My daughter is really enjoying her sessions with Kathryn and we have seen great developments in her skill and confidence. Highly recommend!” – Lissy (2021)


“I worked with Kathryn on a youth production previously, so when I saw she was offering drama coaching I felt confident she was the right person to help me prepare for my auditions to study musical theatre at drama school. As well as thoroughly enjoying my sessions, I have explored different characters and grown in my ability to portray different emotions through physical and vocal skills. Kathryn has helped me increase my confidence as a performer, and constantly pushed me to perform to the best of my ability. She has helped me all throughout the audition process, from helping me choose monologues and songs to helping me stage my audition pieces and working on acting through song. I would definitely recommend anyone hoping to audition for drama school to take classes with Kathryn.” – Keira (2021)

“My son is loving the lessons…It’s bringing out exactly what I needed and wanted from your support so I am thrilled…I definitely feel like we are getting great value for money with you. I’m so glad we found you!” – Hannah (2022)

“I went to Kathryn for help with my induction pieces for college and building my self-confidence. Over the five weeks Kathryn helped me with my singing, monologues and breathing techniques. This really helped me control my nerves and improve my technique. She is a great teacher and so friendly and I hope I will be able to work with her on performances in the future.” – Millie (2022)

“Kathryn is absolutely fantastic! I am currently building upon my confidence and presentation skills through sessions on Zoom and after the first Zoom call I felt so motivated! Thank you for your continued support Kathryn!” – Rachel (2023)