Our Wedding Services: A Journey from Planning to Perfection

May 2024 marked a special milestone for Kathryn and Ricky, the dynamic duo behind Standing In The Wings Wedding Services. Their own wedding, a day filled with love and magic, offered them an intimate understanding of the highs and lows that come with wedding planning and delivery. This personal experience has deepened their commitment to helping couples create their perfect day.

Kathryn and Ricky, the founders of Standing In The Wings Wedding Services, have always been passionate about turning dreams into reality for countless couples. Their expertise, honed over years of meticulous planning and dedicated service, has made them a trusted name in the events industry. However, their journey took on a new, personal dimension in May 2024, when they themselves walked down the aisle.

Their wedding day was a testament to their skills and creativity, showcasing an enchanting blend of elegance and personal touches. As they exchanged vows, surrounded by family and friends, they not only celebrated their love but also gained a renewed perspective on the emotional rollercoaster that is wedding planning.

The Highs: Celebrating Love and Joy

For Kathryn and Ricky, the highs of their wedding were manifold. From the excitement of finding (Kathryn’s!) perfect venue to the joy of selecting a menu that would delight their guests, every moment was a celebration. Their extensive network within the wedding industry proved invaluable, allowing them to handpick the best suppliers who were also friends making working with them a luxury and very special.

One of the most memorable highlights was their reception. Designed to reflect their unique love story, it included personalised artwork, meaningful speeches and a surprise musical experience that resonated deeply with their guests. These joyous moments underscored the significance of creating a day that truly reflects the couple’s identity and values.

The Lows: Navigating Stress and Challenges

Despite their professional expertise, Kathryn and Ricky were not immune to the stresses and challenges that come with planning a wedding. They faced the pressure of making countless decisions, from the selection of table arrangements to the finalising of guest lists. There were moments of doubt and concern, particularly around managing timelines and ensuring everything would come together seamlessly on the day.

Weather concerns, a common worry for many couples, were no exception for them – they found themselves anxiously monitoring weather forecasts in the days leading up to the wedding – the farming forecast has never felt so important! This experience reminded them of the importance of having contingency plans and staying adaptable with a gazebo being ordered and delivered just 24 hours before The Big Day, just in case!

A New Depth of Empathy and Commitment

Going through the wedding planning process themselves has given Kathryn and Ricky a deeper empathy for their clients. They understand firsthand the emotional investment and the desire for perfection that every couple brings to their wedding day. This shared experience has only strengthened their dedication to providing exceptional service.

Standing In The Wings Wedding Services now offers a more nuanced approach to wedding lighting and speech coaching, one that balances professional expertise with personal empathy. Kathryn and Ricky are committed to supporting their clients through every step of the process, from the initial consultation to the final dance. They aim to alleviate stress, offer creative solutions, and ensure that each wedding is as unique and special as the love it celebrates.

Their own wedding has become a cornerstone of their business philosophy, a reminder that at the heart of every wedding is a couple’s love story. By combining their personal experiences with their professional skills, Kathryn and Ricky continue to make Standing In The Wings Wedding Services a beacon of excellence and compassion in the wedding industry.

As they move forward, Kathryn and Ricky look back on their magical day with fondness and gratitude, knowing that it has enriched their lives both personally and professionally. Their journey, from planners to newlyweds, serves as an inspiration and a testament to the beauty and complexity of orchestrating a perfect wedding day.